Did You Know?

DID YOU KNOW? IBEW member’s spouses and kids are included at no additional cost on their health insurance.

DID YOU KNOW? Every IBEW member works under a written, enforceable contract. A contract that holds employers accountable.

DID YOU KNOW? The IBEW holds their apprentices accountable for any tests they fail or homework not completed.

DID YOU KNOW? The IBEW has certain Merit levels that all workers must adhere to.

DID YOU KNOW? The IBEW has many Union contractors and we are adding to them every year! As they continue to grow, so do we. We want our Union contractors to be successful because their success ensures our members’ success.

DID YOU KNOW? As trades people, we take pride in our work. As IBEW members we have a voice in our workplace that allows us to advocate for how work is performed. IBEW employers are responsible for tools, material, and information. IBEW members are responsible to install and perform work in a professional manner.

DID YOU KNOW? The IBEW strives for a balanced work and home life. A better work life affords you a better home life!

DID YOU KNOW? The IBEW trains individuals in multiple areas of the electrical industry. We want every member to be proficient in the entire electrical field!

DID YOU KNOW? The IBEW has set raises that the apprentice receives based on jobsite hours and completion of coursework. No more waiting for a review to receive your compensation!

DID YOU KNOW? 90% of IBEW apprentices pass their Journeyman’s test the first time.

DID YOU KNOW? The IBEW sends its members who are interested in starting their own business to contractor school? We want to create successful business owners and electrical contractors.

DID YOU KNOW? The IBEW not only holds the contractor to the contract but also its members. We understand that we are in a partnership with our contractors. If there is someone not behaving like a professional on our jobs that person will be confronted.



  1. Being a member of the IBEW ensures that your family receives a death benefit of $12,000.
  2. Additionally, retirement benefits are included in the wage package from the Local and the International.
  3. Our health care package guarantees coverage for your spouse and children, at no extra cost.
  4. Our wage package at the IBEW also includes 401K that the employer pays each month, into an account in your name.
  5. We offer Apprenticeship training, Journeyman training, and Contractors training.
  6. Our members are treated with dignity and respect by our employers and fellow members. We do not stand for discrimination within our community.
  7. As an IBEW member, it will be your choice to work away from home. If you choose to work out of your home local or out of state, the IBEW has locals in every state and Canada.
  8. Our pension plans have never received bail outs of any kind.
  9. IBEW was established in 1891 and is currently 750,000 members strong.
  10. Apprentice wage rates and increases are in writing and adhered to in the IBEW.


For more information, contact any member of our Membership Developmment Team.


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