Association of Retiree s Wives and Widows


Charlie Mott, President
Rick Koerber, 1st Vice President
Al Erickson, 2nd Vice President
Pat Nuznov, 3rd Vice President
Dennis McCann, Secretary
Ray Owen, Treasurer

Board of Directors:

John Amrhein
Elaine Crawford
Marilou Diamond
Dan Diamond
Gerald Taube
Madeleine Taube

President Emeritus:
John Ahern
Board Member Emeritus:
Mike Hogan




Board Meeting’s convene in the “Bill Rushford Room” located in the lower level of the Union Hall, at 10:00 AM the second Wednesday of each month.

 Please keep the local union informed of any change in your address, phone number, and email address. Please keep your email address updated with the Union hall and the Retiree Association. Send to  This will help communicate within the association.

Price Increase: Due to rising costs, our luncheons will increase from $15.00, to $20.00 per person beginning with the June 2020 luncheon.  Please notify Ray Owen ahead of time if attending any activities (248) 348-3626. Make Checks payable to "The Retirees Association" and mail to, 428 Welch Rd, Northville MI, 48167. Reservations for luncheons NEED to be confirmed by the Sunday prior to the date of the luncheon please.

Retired members of Local 58 please inform your spouse or children that the Local Union office should be notified in the case of your death. There may be possible benefits entitled to your family or survivors. Call (313) 963-2130 ext. 3013. 

 Important Phone Numbers

Electrical Workers Joint Board of Trustees/
Fund Office Phone: (586) 575-9200

Fund Office Toll Free Phone: (866) 283-9528

NEBF Phone: (301) 556-4300

IBEW Phone: (202) 833- 7000