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Members appointed by the President Meets first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM “Members Helping Members is Why We Belong to a Union.” The Benevolent Fund concept began at Local 58 in 1998. Its inception came together after a group of members noticed that not all of the Brothers and Sisters of this Local were receiving assistance in their time of need. Previous to the inception of this Committee if a member that was “well-known” suffered from catastrophic injury, illness, or even their untimely death, the “hat” was passed around on job sites and at meetings. Feeling that all members should have this same opportunity for assistance, members put together a group and brought it to the attention of the Business Manager and the Membership. A resolution was written and submitted to the Executive Board for their approval and it was accepted to start the Local 58 Benevolent Fund. The Committee has assisted hundreds of members and their families with your generous contributions. This Committee is a closed committee by appointment from the President of the Local. The Fund raises money solely through Member and Contractor donations. No General Fund monies are used to support the Committee. The party on Super Bowl Sunday became our primary fund-raising effort. The Committee has since purchased and sold clothing items in the store to assist in fund-raising. We also have a Walleye Tournament the first weekend of May on the Detroit River. After the untimely passing of Brother Ken Fitzhenry, the Committee moved to change the name of our “Ox Roast on Super Bowl Sunday” to “The Benevolent Fund Annual Ken Fitzhenry Fundraising Party on Super Bowl Sunday.” Our Mission Statement is clear, in order to qualify for assistance it must be from catastrophic injury, illness, or the untimely death of a Member to assist the family in their time of need. We are very grateful and appreciative for all of the donations received by the Membership and Contractors that allow us to function. We hope to continue on for many years in offering this assistance. Please support the Benevolent Fund when we have our fund raisers or by the purchase of clothing from the Local Union Store.


Brian Mulligan, Chairman
Members appointed by the President
Meets as needed

Community Service

Union Membership of every kind, represents a personal willingness to work with others in a community for a common goal and often does not stop at the work-related bargaining table. Union members of all stripes tend to be upstanding fixtures of generosity, integrity, and compassion in every community that they touch and the membership of Local 58 is no exception.

As a group, Local 58 members recognize a particular responsibility to be honorable and upstanding corporate citizens and, therefore, have made Community Services an integral part of its mission to give back to society and invest in the futures of our communities.

The Community Services Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM at the Union Hall. All members are invited to participate.

Contact the Union Hall (313) 963.2130 for further information to volunteer or participate. Sign up here

Open to all Members
Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 5:30 pm



To bring first class, entertaining, fun social events and networking opportunities to
members of Local 58 in a manner that promotes participation of all members.

Ray Kujawski - Chair

Tim Hedlund - Co-Chair

Open to all Members
Meets the second Tuesday of each month @ 6:00pm (or immediately following the Community Services Committee meeting)


The Electrical Workers Minority Caucus

Local 58 EWMC President: Andre Crook
Open to all members
Meets 3rd Monday of the month at 6:00pm

EWMC of Southeastern Michigan FaceBook Page


It was in 1974 that African American and Hispanic delegates to the 30th IBEW International Convention in Kansas City met to address the lack of minority representation and other inequalities within our union. The civil rights movement challenged our country to live up to the ideals espoused by the Constitution. The founding activists of the Minority Caucus understood that the IBEW must embrace the principles and actions of Diversity and Full Inclusion, at every level of the union, to organize, prosper and grow to be a stronger and more dynamic labor organization.

The Caucus serves as a support and networking system, and provides education and training for its members. The membership reflects a broad-based coalition of dedicated IBEW men and women who work within the IBEW structure to forge changes that will benefit minorities and the entire IBEW membership.


1. Promote equal opportunity and employment for minorities at all levels of the IBEW structure;
2. Foster leadership development and empower minorities to become active participants and leaders in the IBEW;
3. Assist IBEW minority members who have discrimination complaints;
4. Promote, support and assist the organizing of minority workers in the IBEW;
5. Encourage minority workers to be greater activists in community and political affairs; and
6. Be actively involved in AFL-CIO Constituency Groups, human, civil, and women’s rights organizations to advance the cause of minority workers.

The Southeastern Michigan Chapter

In November 2007, several members of Local 58, Local 17, and International Representative Joe Davis met to discuss starting a chapter here in the Detroit area.  They sent out correspondences offering membership to any locals in southeastern Michigan and even suggested traveling to different cities to have their meetings so that everyone could be included.  They continued to recruit members, elected officers, and worked on establishing a chapter.  After much hard work and diligence our bylaws were approved on February 20, 2009 and we received our Charter at the 2010 EWMC National Conference in Portland, Oregon.


“Doing for others” is one of the important goals of the EWMC.  Members work tirelessly throughout the year to be involved in our communities and to build a stronger more diverse and inclusive IBEW and Labor Movement.

International EWMC 


Political Action Committee


PAC is an acronym for “Political Action Committee.” It is an open committee for any and all members to participate in the political process in our STATE, COUNTY and LOCAL MUNICIPALITIES. These funds are NOT used for any federal candidate or race, i.e., U.S. President, U.S. Congress or U.S. Senate. All monies are VOLUNTARY contributions made by you, the member. How the money is used is decided by the members that attend the PAC meetings. PAC meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm, or otherwise notified. We strongly urge all members to participate in the process and the voluntary contributions.


Jeannette Bradshaw, Registrar

(313) 408-1287





Matthew Ostrowski - Chairman of Local 58 
Mark Holz - Co Chairman 

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 5:30 P.M. at the Union Hall. 

The RENEW Committee will set its own goals based on the needs of the Local Union and the interest of its members. A strong RENEW Program in our Local helps energize young workers who have the desire to expand membership at Meetings and increase engagement among our Brothers and Sisters.

We also look forward to helping our Local Community and promoting early education of our Local Union's history.

Greater involvement by local union members of all ages is critical to the growth of the IBEW/RENEW wide initiative dedicated to creating opportunities for members and helping them develop the skills necessary to be active in the local union and play a role in shaping the future.  To provide a space for members to discuss issues relevant to their workplace and community, and to encourage their participation in programs that are focused on strengthening the local union and the labor movement




 Association of Retirees, Wives & Widows


 Charlie Mott, President

Rick Koerber, 1st Vice President
Al Erickson, 2nd Vice President
Pat Nuznov, 3rd Vice President
Dennis McCann, Secretary

Ray Owen, Treasurer


John Amrhein

Elaine Crawford

Marilou Diamond

Dan Diamond

Gerard Taube

Madeleine Taube


John Ahern

Board Member Emeritus

Mike Hogan


Board Meeting’s convene in the “Bill Rushford Room” located in the lower level of the Union Hall, at 10:00 AM the second Wednesday of each month.

** Please keep the local union informed of any change in your address, phone number, and email address. Please keep your email address updated with the Union hall and the Retiree Association. Send to  This will help communicate within the association.

** Luncheon cost is $15.00 per person. Please notify Ray Owen ahead of time if attending any activities (248) 348-3626. Make Checks payable to "The Retirees Association" and mail to, 428 Welch Rd, Northville MI, 48167. Reservations for luncheons NEED to be confirmed by the Sunday prior to the date of the luncheon please.** 

 ** Retired members of Local 58 please inform your spouse or children that the Local Union office should be notified in the case of your death. There may be possible benefits entitled to your family or survivors. Call (313) 963-2130 ext. 3013. 

 Important Phone Numbers

Electrical Workers Joint Board of Trustees 
Fund Office Phone: (586) 575-9200

Fund Office Toll Free Phone: (866) 283-9528

NEBF Phone: (301) 556-4300

IBEW Phone: (202) 833- 7000



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Bryan Stowe, Chairman





Local 58 Women's Softball

Local 58 Mens Baseball 

Local 58 Bowling League

Local 58 Hockey League

18 & over contact for A & C teams.  James Berlin  248-219-2000

Local 58 Wireman's Golf

Contact the Sports Secretary
313.963.2130 x3015


The Women’s Committee will set its own goals based on the needs of the Local Union and the interests of its members.  A strong Women’s Committee in our Local helps empower,  engage, and retain Sisters who have the desire to expand membership, promote leadership, and support our Local Union.


Join us today!!


Angela Panicucci, Chairman



Diana Wright, Co-Chair



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