Any member of Local 58 currently employed in a jurisdiction outside of Local 58 will be allowed to hold their position on Book I while remaining employed for a signatory contractor outside of Local 58's jurisdiction. This will keep the member from rolling the Book when they reach the Top 20.
• To qualify, the members must provide the Local 58 Dispatcher with a current pay stub and proof of employment from the Local’s jurisdiction where you are employed. (i.e. current referral, letter from dispatcher, etc.)
• Within seven calendar days of separation from employment, the member must provide a current pay stub and proof of separation, including but not limited to a notice of separation, Local Union letter, etc., to the Local 58 Dispatcher.
• A copy of the notice of employment and separation along with the pay stubs must be time stamped at the Local 58 office.
• Once the notice of separation is received by the Local 58 Dispatcher, the member will be placed back on the Active “Out of Work” List the next business day. If the member so chooses, they may elect to have a 3-business day grace period before becoming eligible for a job call to get their affairs in order after being on the road for an extended period of time.

• The member must agree to sign a Referral Eligibility Agreement indicating their first eligible date to pick up a job call at Local 58.

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